The Manifestation of Love in Lauren Dane’s Novel Back To You


This research focuses on the protagonist’s manifestation of love in Lauren Dane’s novel Back To You written, and how love was implemented in various kinds of manifestation, such as firmness, loyalty, self-control, generosity, and honesty. The research analysed life of a couple named Kelly Hurley and Vaughan Hurley who lived happily at the first years of their marriage but after eight years, they decided to divorce. The theory in this analysis is proposed by Theo Riyanto (2015) and the method used was qualitative approach method adopted by Kothari (2004). The result of this research shows that the protagonist manifested his love for his ex-wife and children by doing everything for them and treated them as if they had not divorced yet. He realized that she was the only woman whom he loved full-heartedly in his life. His manifestation of love to his ex-wife won her heart that he remarried her in the long run.


Keywords: manifestation of love, firmness, loyalty, self-control, generosity, honesty

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