Main Characters’ Conflict in Mishaal Bint Fahd’s Film Death of a Princes


This research is analyzing the main characters’ conflict in Mishaal Bint Fahd’s film “Death of a Princes”. The objectives of the study are to describe the kinds of conflict found in the “Death of a Princess’ Film” and to state the kinds of conflict described in the “Death of a Princess’Film”. One of the theories of conflict is proposed by Nurgiyantoro (2010) stating that main characters’ conflict’ are used to clarify meaning, to provide vivid example, to emphasize, to stimulate associations and emotions, to give life to inanimate objects, to amuse, or to ornament. The study is conducted by means of descriptive qualitative method proposed by Moleong (2013) suggesting that such a method is appropriately done to investigate social phenomena as found in the film. The results show that there are two kinds of conflicts faced by the main characters: external conflict and internal conflict. Conflict between the protagonist and others characters, conflict between the protagonist and society and conflict between the protagonist and culture are the ones included in the external conflict; while self-sacrifice for her love, love and affection, and faithfulness are included in the internal one.


Keywords: conflict, society, culture

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