Aspects of Interpersonal Conflicts in Benni Setiawan’s Film Scripts Toba Dreams


This paper is concerned with aspects of interpersonal conflicts in a family depicted in Benni Setiawan’s film scripts Toba Dreams released in 2015. The aims of the research are to find out the causing factors of interpersonal conflicts found in the film scripts and to describe how those conflicts lead to bad impacts to the family members. The problems of this research focus on interpersonal conflicts involving father, mother, and the children. The theory of conflict in this research is adopted from Wilmot and Hocker (2011). The method used in this research was a qualitative method proposed by Creswell (2007). The analysis in this study covers the aspects of interpersonal conflicts consisting of expressed struggle, interdependence, perceived incompatible goal, perceived scarce resources and interference. The findings show that conflicts in a family may lead to serious effects that can damage children and the whole family. This research is theoretically significant to give the readers the concept of interpersonal conflict. This is also practically significant to provide some insight and knowledge for readers about conflicts in literary works and in the film scripts as well as in real life.


Keywords: interpersonal conflict, expressed struggle, interdependence, perceived incompatible goal, perceived scarce resources, interference.

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