The Downfall of the Protagonist in Christopher Marlowe’s Play Doctor Faustus


This paper is an analysis of the downfall of the protagonist of Christopher Marlowe’s drama Dr. Faustus. It talks about a scholar named Dr. Faustus who feels unsatisfied with all the branches of knowledge he has acquired so that he turns to the devil to quench his thirst to reach the level of a deity. The goal of this study is to analyze the causing factors of his downfall. The basis of the research method applied in this research is the qualitative research proposed by Baum (2009). The theory of the downfall is taken from Sinclair (1987) who states that downfall is the failure or ruin of an institution or person when he has previously been successful or powerful. The result shows that Faustus’s downfall is caused by his insatiable passion, inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality, and uncontrollable praxis of necromancy, which later bring his ruin to damnation. The conclusion shows that Faustus appears as a tragic hero of the story, but in reality he is a man who meets his downfall.


Keywords: downfall, passion, fantasy, necromancy

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