Translating Textual Theme in Maba Belo Selambar Dialogue of Karonese Society into English


The researchers examine textual theme in maba belo selambar dialogue of Karonese society and explore the process of translating them into English. The researchers translate textual theme, politeness and cultural terms in source language (SL) into target language (TL). While translating SL into TL, the researchers applied the translation methods and procedures. This study also supported by systemic functional linguistic, cultural and polite analyses. The research is conducted using Miles and Huberman’s qualitative research. Newmark’s theories of translation methods and translation procedures are selected to resolve the problems to translate the textual themes of maba belo selambar dialogue. The systemic functional linguistics analysis of the textual themes in SL shows the themes in declarative and non-declarative sentences. The results reveal two translation methods and three translation procedures are applied in translating the textual themes of maba belo selambar dialogue in Karonese society. They are translation methods of literal and semantic. And for the translation procedures, they are descriptive equivalent, transposition/ shift, and cultural equivalent. The readers of textual themes are designed for linguists, students and researchers of linguistics, Karonese society, and those who are interested in translating themes and culture.


Keywords: culture, method, procedure, theme, translation

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