Evidence of Crime in Lisa Black’s Novel Evidence of Murder


This study is concerned with the evidence of crime in Lisa Black’s novel Evidence of Murder. All of this evidence begins from the time when Jillian Perry had been found dead in the woods, leaving behind a husband of three weeks and a young daughter. The objective of this research is to embody the shapes of real, circumstantial, and testimonial evidence in the novel and to reveal and describe how the evidence of a murder is depicted in the novel. This study applies a qualitative research method proposed by Lapan (2012) who defines that qualitative research is an approach that enables researchers to explore in detail social and organizational characteristics and individual behaviors and their meanings. and the theory of evidence applied is the one proposed by Emson (2012). There are three shapes of evidence showed by Black, the evidence of crime in the novel: Real, Circumstantial and testimonial evidence. The result of this research shows that the evidence of crime portrayed in the novel under research is not valid to be sued in the court. Finally, Maclean could not collaborate the evidence found during identification at the scene and people who are related to the live of Jillian, then Maclean cannot prove who the perpetrators murder Jillian in court.


Keywords: evidence of crime, real, circumstantial, testimonial evidence

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