Reality Construction of Women Violence in Online Media


Online Media has its power in delivering message if it is compared with conventional media like newspaper and magazine. This research intended to show how Reality Construction of news coverage at home-female-violence in online media using the descriptive qualitative method of Eriyanto on Teun Van Dijk Critical Discourse Analysis from primary data in’s documentation. news coverage has been using the conjunction stressing word in violence towards women at home, from discourse aspect of thematic, schematic, semantic, syntactic, stylistic, and rhetoric. Research found that the social context news dimension represented male superior behavior towards female at home. Research concluded that text-news could function to represent well-stressed semantic aspects. as one of the democracy pillars has its responsibility to coverage news that against human rights especially woman violence in humanity progressing to be in gender equality with masculinity, so that women released from pan cultural generality. It is suggested that to be more woman-empowering and anti woman-silence in daily news coverage in order to maintain as a media of harmony and sustainability in this digital era.


Keywords: Critical Discourse Analysis, Social Construction Theory, Online Media Violence

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