Parents’ Role in Maintaining and Shifting Kinship Term in Vernacular Language: The Case of Intermarriage Parents in Langsa


This study deals with parent’s role in shifting and maintaining kinship term in vernacular language. It employs a case study in qualitative research design. This study aims to describe the roles of parents in maintaining and shifting kinship terms in vernacular language. The subjects were 20 children of intermarriage family; the ages range between 15-26 years old. The instruments used in this study were questionnaire and interview. The analysis was done through interactive Model of Miles & Huberman (1984). The theory of Holmes (2013) was applied in this research. The finding showed that there were fourteen respondents or 70 % maintain the kinship terms and there were six respondents (30%) shifted the kinship terms. From fourteen respondents, there were eleven children or 55 % of children influenced by parents in maintaining kinship term in Aceh language and there were three children or 15 % of children influenced by parents in shifting kinship terms in Aceh language. There were six or 30 % of children not influenced by parents in maintaining or shifting kinship terms in Aceh language.


Keywords: Parents Role, language maintenance and shift, Vernacular Language, Intermarriage Parents

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