Speech Act in Arafat Nur’s Novel Tanah Surga Merah


This study focuses on the speech act in the novel Tanah Surga Merah written by Arafat Nur. The researcher uses Searle’s speech act theory in John R. (1985). The speech act theory consists of declarations, representatives, expressive, directives and comissives. This study aimed to find out the kinds of speech act and to reveal the kinds of speech act expressed by the first character. This research is library research proposed by Khotari (2004). The design of the research is descriptive qualitative research. The aim of descriptive qualitative research is to clarify the nature of a phenomenon in a specified, static context while viewed from a specific, fixed perspective [8]. The data are the utterances in the novel. The source of the data is the novel Tanah Surga Merah written by Arafat Nur. The research findings show that, declaratives are used for 14.28%, representatives 21.42%, expressive 28.57%, directives 21.42% and commisives 14.28%. Based on the findings, the expressives are the dominant form of speech acts in the novel.


Keywords: declaration, representative, expressiveness, directives and comissives.

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