Improving Students’ Speaking Ability Through Play Scripts


The research is concerned about the written play script to improve students’ speaking ability in Junior High School. Written play script or Drama as one of the literary works is included in the curriculum of teaching Learning in Junior high School. Drama is pedagogy that reaches students of multiple intelligences and different learning styles. It is a multi-sensory mode of learning that engages mind, body, senses, and emotions to create personal connections to the real world and helps to improve comprehension and retention, Prochazka (2009). This research was a Classroom Action research, Burns (2010) in which the data were taken systematically on everyday practice in order to have decisions about what the future practice should be. The research consisted of two cycles, with four meetings in each cycle. The research elaborated planning, action, observation and reflection in each cycle. The qualitative methods were used in this research. The result of the research showed that there were some improvements of the students’ speaking ability through written play script. They become more confident and enthusiastic in speaking English.


Keywords: written play script, speaking ability, action research, qualitative research

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