Analysis of Halal Tourism Development on Economic Development in Indonesia


Halal tourism is part of the tourism industry that provides tourism services regarding Islamic rules. The rapid development of tourism has led to a new trend of developing halal tourism. However, its development is still experiencing several obstacles and challenges in various regions of Indonesia. This study aims to analyze the development of halal tourism and its impact on economic development in Indonesia. Halal tourism prioritizes fulfilling the basic needs of Muslims in tourist destinations, such as worship, purification, and traveling according to Sharia provisions. Potential trips made by Muslim tourists show a positive increase. The government through the Ministry of Tourism must immediately complete regulations related to the development of halal tourism, as well as produce standardization regarding the concept of halal tourism that will be implemented in Indonesia. Halal tourism development has a significant impact on Indonesia’s economic development. This can be seen from the emergence of various types of businesses in tourist attraction locations, infrastructure improvements to and from tourist attraction locations, the opening of new jobs, and the increase of local revenue in various regions.

Keywords: development of halal tourism, halal tourism, economic development

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