Bilingual Translation in Spiderman the Movie Storybook


The language transfer can be seen in the lexical choices in a translation. A translator may have different considerations when applying its use in a text since adaptation of context is an essential part to be employed through the translation. Problems with transferring the source language into the target language certainly have an effect on delivering messages within a text. This study aims to analyze the lexical usage in the bilingual translation of the movie storybook Spiderman and the strategies in the translation, including their meaning. The qualitative method used DeepL to assist in the analysis of differences that might come into the translation. In some cases, words translated from English into Indonesian were found non-equivalent, however, the rest of them were understandable. Translation by a more general word strategies were also used to be placed in the story rather than using the specific words and vice versa, paraphrasing using a related word, omission, and neutral words or less expressive words found to correspond the meaning. The equivalence of transferring the source language (SL) into the target language (TL) can be achieved when optional words are found in the translation in which meaning is also taken for consideration within the human translation. The product of translation was presented bilingually to analyze the differences in meaning between the two languages’ context of use. These showed DeepL as one of the machine translations with translation memories using Artificial Intelligence technology which compares the differences and similarities of sense in translation study. They can work together for the analysis to understand the use and results.

Keywords: equivalence, non-equivalence, lexical, strategy

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