The Value of Character Education in Wayang Beber Pacitan Ninth Scene


Wayang beber Pacitan is a type of wayang that has existed since the Majapahit era. This type of wayang is a painting which is divided into 24 scenes. Each scene has a main character and supporting characters. Each character possesses different characteristics. The purpose of this study is to find out and describe the main characters in the ninth scene of wayang beber Pacitan, namely, Prabu Brawijaya and Prabu Klana. This study follows the qualitative descriptive research methodology. Several data collection techniques were used, for example, observation, interviews, and document analysis. Purposive sampling was used as a sampling technique. Interactive analysis methods, with Roland Barthes’s semiotic theory, namely, through denotative, connotative, and mythical stages, were used for data analysis. Moreover, triangulation was used for data validation. The research concludes that the characters in the ninth scene can be divided into two, namely, Prabu Brawijaya, as the protagonist, and Prabu Klana, as the antagonist. Prabu Brawijaya, as the protagonist, has the character of being careful, wise, and alert, while Prabu Klana, as the antagonist, has the character of being easily angry, self-willed, and arrogant. The ninth scene of wayang beber Pacitan teaches us about the value of character education so one should always be careful in acting and wise in making decisions and should not be arrogant and selfish as this will have a negative impact on oneself and others. Apart from being an entertainment medium, wayang beber performances can also be used as a medium to convey moral messages. Through stories and understanding the characters in each scene, it can be used as a medium of character education.

Keywords: antagonist, character, protagonist, scene, wayang beber

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