Implementation Studies Documentation in Media and Culture Studies


Documentation is like a time machine as it facilitates the process of returning to history for future generations. ,The objective of this paper is to review the documentation in media and cultural studies. This paper discusses the importance of implementing documentation to create a culture that contributes to education. . Using digital literacy is one of the ways of documentation to strengthen media and culture as the community needs a culture that has rich literature and references to science. In media and cultural studies, documentation can be performed in various ways such as, archives, newspapers, magazines, books, videotapes, and audio. This can provide valuable information and data for understanding media and culture in the past, present, and future. Documentation also helps in understanding the changes in media and culture, influence the media on culture, and vice versa. Documentation helps researchers to identify various elements important in media and culture, such as messages conveyed, values carried, and patterns formed behavior. This study uses a method in the documentation that covers the election inclusion and exclusion criteria, in Indonesia.

Keywords: study documentation, media, culture

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