Adaptation in the New Challenges of Globalization in Game and Animation Industry


During the Covid-19 pandemic, the absorption rate of alumni in the industry has decreased. Alumni who are already working, have independent studios, or work as freelancers are also impacted by the deteriorating economic conditions in Indonesia. Competition among graduates in the creative industry, including UM Animation Game D3 graduates, is intensifying, particularly in the local sphere. If not anticipated, many of them may face unemployment. Globalization and technological developments have enabled the game and animation industry to thrive during the pandemic. Therefore, the purpose of this community service activity is to organize a Sharing and Discussion event to provide a space for discussion for workers in the creative industries, especially in the field of Games and Animation who have been successful during the pandemic with UM Animation Game alumni. The methodology employed in this initiative involves sharing and discussion sessions to elicit insights from alumni and presenters. This study concludes that alumni who working as freelancers, studio owners, and industry employees face career constraints and a declining market during the pandemic. This is because they do not take advantage of globalization to increase career paths to capture a wider market. On the other hand, according to the presenters, to be able to take advantage of globalization, alumni should have a good portfolio and be presented professionally, be involved in international scale forums and activities, take advantage of international scale networking platforms, have a good attitude at work, have the commitment to continue to develop, and master the international language.

Keywords: animation game alumni, globalization, animation game industry

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