City Font Design in Destinations Branding


Letter design plays a crucial role in establishing city branding. This letter is a representation of the appearance and nature of the city. The objective of this research is to find out how to design letters from branding in several cities worldwide. This research is vital and timely, as effective city branding relies on visual design elements, including typography. This study aims to determine the number of cities that apply branding using unique letter shapes. Additionally, it also aims to see the application of city-specific fonts in branding and determine their effect on the visual strength of branding. The study employs the Contextual Design method, using the Requirements and solutions to define and Validate Concepts and Processes. The results of this study are the letter designs used in city branding in several places in the world. These findings serve as valuable references for designers and offer insights into societal perceptions.

Keywords: font design, city branding, city font

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