Public Service Motivation as an Intervening Variable of Self-Efficacy and Competency towards State Civil Apparatus Performance


This study aimed to investigate the effect of public service motivation, self-efficacy, and competency directly and indirectly through intervening variables on the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) performance. A good understanding of the factors that affect ASN performance is crucial in ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality of public services provided to the community. The approach used was quantitative, using a questionnaire as a data collection instrument. The research population was ASN, who work in six Regional Offices that generate Original Local Government Revenue (PAD) throughout the Regional Government of South Sumatra Province, totalling 438 people. The total sample was taken using a Proportionate Stratified Random Sampling design, and data collection was done using the Slovin formula. The degree of error is 5% => e = 0.05 for 209 people. Data analysis was performed using SEM Lisrel 8.80, a combination of path and factor analysis used to examine the complexity of the relationships between variables assessed statistically. The results of the study showed that public service motivation, self- efficacy, and competency have a significant positive effect on ASN performance. The higher the public service motivation, self-efficacy, and competency possessed by ASN, the higher, more effective, and efficient their overall performance will be. The findings of this study make an important contribution to increasing our understanding of the factors that affect ASN performance.

Keywords: public service motivation, self-efficacy, competency, performance, state civil apparatus

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