Examining the Indonesia Bureaucracy Response and Problem in Pandemic Times: A Preliminary Diagnostic Study


The assessment of waste management policies within the Environmental Agency of Palu City has been governed by Regional Regulation No. 11 / 2013, which pertains to the management of garbage. Nevertheless, the implementation of this regional regulation has proven to be ineffective, namely in relation to the problem-solving element. By analyzing the goals, objectives, and contents, it can be inferred that the regional regulation is designed to address the waste issue in Palu City. The objective of this study was to assess the waste handling and management strategy implemented in Palu City with regards to its adherence to the Adipura standards. The employed research methodology was descriptive in nature and falls within the qualitative paradigm. The analysis employs William Dunn’s theory, as evidenced by the utilization of policy criteria such as effectiveness, efficiency, adequacy, equity, responsiveness, and accuracy. The findings indicated that the waste treatment and management policy in Palu City with regards to Adipura was suboptimal. The failure of Palu City to secure the Adipura title in 2022 is evident. This observation demonstrates that the efficiency of waste management has not been fully realized. The process of landfill rubbish disposal in the Kawatuna landfill had not been concluded at the time of the assessment. Furthermore, the optimization of waste management in every urban village is yet to be achieved. The incomplete fulfillment of the budget allocated for waste management stands as the primary cause for this circumstance, with approximately 60% of the funds being disbursed. This observation demonstrates that the allocation of funds for trash management has not been commensurated, as there still remain several villages lacking the necessary means of transport.

Keywords: policy, waste management, Adipura

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