Assistance and Empowerment of MSMEs: Application of Information Technology (E-Commerce) in Increasing MSME Income in Ciburial Tourism Village


Assistance and empowerment is carried out for the perpetrators of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) of honey products in the Ciburial Tourism Area. The advantage of Ciburial Village is that it has a village website. The problems faced by businesspeople are low sales volume; the hosting capacity of the village web is still limited only for tourism promotion; and the community, especially businesspeople, are still not used to using the web. This is due to the limited information related to the marketing process of profitable finished products and businesspeople have not utilized the application of information technology as a marketing strategy for market expansion. Assistance and empowerment are carried out through training in creating websites and registering their products in several marketplaces. With the help of the training carried out, businesspeople have been able to create and have websites to introduce their products to consumers by registering in the marketplace. Furthermore, they were also able to maintain the website and marketplace that they already have so that they can be used all the time in order to increase profitable sales volume and increase the income of these businesspeople.

Keywords: micro, small and medium enterprises, information technology applicationse- commerce, sales volume

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