The Effect of Online Game Features on Player Behaviour


Online games are a type of game that requires an internet connection to access the game. The development of technology today have encouraged more and more online games that have sprung up. One of them is online game Audition Ayodance. Various features contained in the game turned out to have an influence on the behaviour of the players, where the Audition Ayodance players began to mix how they live in the game into their real life. One of them is the couple feature, which is a feature to find a partner in the game, while the players also use criteria such as religion, age, place of residence, and other things that have nothing to do with the course of the game. The results of this study indicate the emergence of a hyperreality where the world of online games and the real world of players begin to mix. This is partly because the Audition Ayodance players are mostly teenagers who still do not have strong emotional stability the way adults do, and like to explore various interests and have fantasies.

Keywords: online game, game features, player behaviour

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