3D Animal Illustration Flashcard as a Learning Media Innovation in Early Childhood Education


Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that allows users to interact with virtual elements in a real-world environment. In the context of early childhood education, AR-based learning media can provide a number of benefits for children learning about animals. With the assistance of parents, children can learn 3-dimensional shapes and animal characters that are integrated with smartpones. The aim of this research is to develope 3D flashcards based on Augmented Reality for learning media in Early Childhood Education. The developed flashcards are also given the distinctive sound of each animal so that the child can easily recognize it. The product was developed using ADDIE (Analyze, Design, Develompent, Implementation and Evaluation), and it was then tested on a limited group, and validated to get input for improvements before being mass-produced. The result of this research in AR-based learning media is that it can make learning about animals more engaging and interactive for children. This can make the learning process more fun and interesting for children, and can also help to retain their attention and focus during the learning process. Another benefit of using AR-based learning media is that it can help to make the information more relatable and concrete for children. For instance, instead of just reading about a cow in a flashcard, children can use an AR app to see a 3D model of a cow in front of them and even interact with it. The limitation of this study is that from the results of the trial, the data shows that the use of paper-based flasshcards can be damaging in early childhood, and teachers suggest using sturdier materials such as PVC.

Keywords: flashcards, augmented reality, animals, early childhood, education How to

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