Legal Protection Against Grab Drivers for Consumer Actions Canceling Grabfood Orders (Study of Grab Padang Office)


Grab is an online transportation company from Malaysia in 2011. Cancellation of grabfood orders by consumers causes driver losses, because it has violated consumer obligations in Law No. 8 of 1999 concerning Consumer Protection. Problem formulation: 1) What is the legal protection of Grab Padang Office against Grab Drivers for the actions of consumers who cancel GrabFood orders? 2) How to compensate the Grab Padang Office against the driver for the consumer’s action to cancel the GrabFood order. Type of research: sociological juridical. Data collection techniques: interviews and document studies. Research results: 1) Legal protection of Grab Padang Office for cancellation of consumer grabfood orders harms drivers with reimbursement or reimbursement. 2) Reimbursement from Grab Padang Office against drivers ie

Keywords: Legal Protection, Driver, Grab, Grabfood

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