Transformation of Higher Education: The Strategy of MBKM


The freedom of learning contained in the MBKM Guidebook is intended to give freedom and autonomy to educational institutions, and freedom from bureaucratization, lecturers are exempt from bureaucracy, and students are given the freedom to choose their field. In the context of students, they are freed to carry out campus activities through 9 Merdeka Belajar-Kampus Merdeka programs, namely; student exchanges, internships/work practices, teaching assistance in education units, research, humanitarian projects, activities, entrepreneurship, independent studies/projects, and building thematic real work villages/lectures. One of the issues that arises as the program progresses is the issue of conversion grades, which are viewed as unfair by some lecturers and students because they must convert courses from the original study program. This research uses qualitative research methods, using the types of strategies according to Kooten, namely corporate strategy, program strategy, and resource support strategy. This research found that Unila has strategies in 4 dimensions according to the Kooten, in the program strategy there are obstacles to the technical conversion of the internship program, but Unila continues to improve by designing the curriculum, technical guidance, and workshops of the MBKM program so that the initial objectives of this program can be achieved.

Keywords: transformation, higher education, MBKM 1

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