The Effect of Cooperative Script Model on Students' Reading Comprehension at Grade XI SMA Swasta Daerah Kisaran


The objective of the study is to find out the effect of using cooperative script model on students’ reading comprehension at Grade XI SMA Swasta Daerah Kisaran. This study conducted in experimental design, namely to find out the students’ reading comprehension by using Cooperative Script Model. The population of this research is then from the grade XI of SMA Swasta Daerah Kisaran. There are two classes, namely class XI IPA1 and XI IPA2 totaling 50 students. The sample of this research was at Grade XI IPA2 as an experiment group and XI IPA1 as an control group. the conclusion is significantly effect on the students reading comprehension achievement, and also the test is reliable. As the t-test result is higher than the t-table at 0,05 and 0,01 level of significant ( 24,39 > 2,01 and 24,39 > 2,68) and is very effective to apply in teaching reading by using Cooperative Script model the students can help them to ask effective questions as they read and respond to the text, and also encourages teachers to be aware of, and it is hopped to the teachers use the Cooperative Script model to make the students more students’ active and make learning process is effective.

Keywords: Cooperative script model; learning process; experimental design

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