Strategic Role and Function of Local Wisdom of Melayu Asahan in the Era of Information Technology on Anthropolinguistic Perspectiveness


Local wisdom which is the heritage of cultural values and norm shahs great dealt to meet the need of strategic social-cultural reforms in the era of Information Technology. The cultural value which is embodied in the local wisdom of Melayu Asahan currently may become distinction due to the rapid growth of global unification. Therefore this research is aimed at (1)What are the existing local wisdom or cultural values of Melayu Asahan? (2) In the rapid growth of internet communication how Melayu Asahan local wisdom could be strategically reformedand developed? (3)How would possibly Anthropolinguistics solve and contribute to the social and cultural and environmental sustainability? Research Methodology applied to the seproblemsas stated refer to the methodology developed by Sibarani 2014. Firstly the data must be identified as form and content, secondly it is identified as Text and cultural value, then thirdly it is presented as strategic revitalization in order to be developed as to promote pubic character. The finding soft his research. Can be transferring more benefits to social life reform son local wisdom based, particularly in structuring social life community of Asahan. It is also expected that those who are going to do research on local wisdom would like to deep en on anthropolinguistic perspectiveness either linguistically or extralinguistically. The implementation of this research will be alternatively offered to the stakeholders of Asahan.

Keywords: Local wisdom; Anthropolinguistic; Melayu; information technology

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