Multi-interactive Media Development for Balinese Dance Vocational Courses


An analysis of the learning process of students of the Dance and Music Education Study Program in the Balinese Dance vocational course with the competence to practice Balinese dance revealed that the students faced difficulty in practicing Balinese dance. This was because they were constrained by distance, lack of face-to-face methods, and incommensurable student internet networks. In addition, teachers also have had difficulty in delivering materials because they could not reach students face-to-face. Given the conditions experienced by students and teachers, this research had the goal of developing learning media for Balinese dance vocational courses in the form of multi-interactive media, using the drill and practice model. Interactive learning multimedia involves a range of media such as text, sound, video, animation, and images, which are integrated into a computer program to convey messages to students. The developers in this research were competent in the field of learning vocational Balinese dance and designed the course during 2020/2021. This research was carried out in five stages, namely analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. The products included interactive CDs that can be distributed flexibly using media such as flash disks, MMC card, or Bluetooth smartphones, and contain writing, images, infographics, learning videos and quizzes.

Keywords: multi-interactive, media, drill and practice, Balinese dance

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