Music and Motion in the Performance Art of Roso Rerasaning Jiwo


Roso Rerasaning Jiwo is the title of multidisciplinary performance art that combines various fields of art. The purpose of this paper is to describe the relationship between music and the body movements of performers in collaborating to interpret the feelings that are turbulent in the artist’s soul, both spontaneously and in totality. Musical techniques are created extemporaneously and played spontaneously to respond to the performers’ body movements. This creative process focuses on exploring aspects of musical ideas to create interactions between the music, the performers, and the audience through sound, body movements, and dialogue. Each motif in a musical composition contains rhythms that flow spontaneously, following the movements of the performer’s body so as to form an artistic and characteristic unity. It is hoped that through Roso’s performance art Rerasaning Jiwo, this art can be understood and appreciated as a new form that offers novel aesthetic effects.

Keywords: music, motion, performance art, Roso Rerasaning Jiwo

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