Collaboration Between Typography and Visual Narrative to Strengthen the Communication Delivery Process


Visual narrative (also called visual storytelling) is a story told primarily through visual media. The story can be described using photography, illustrations, or video. It can be enhanced with graphics, music, sound, and other audio. In comparison, typography is the study of letters and their relation to the delivery of information. This study aimed to examine how visual communication carried out through visual narrative can be more quickly understood by the public when combined with the communicative power of typography. Two tactics were employed: 1) A/B testing, which involved using several images to test the effectiveness of the image or design; and 2) eye tracking, which tested how the audience read in digesting the information from the designs that were created. Recommendations and a formulation of work steps/processes that use a combination of typography and visual narrative to increase the effectiveness of delivering messages to the audience were developed.

Keywords: typography, visual narrative, communication delivery, strengthen process

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