The Development of a Game Design for Wayang Beber Pacitan


Even though traditional arts and culture look ‘exotic’ and often contribute to regional income and foreign exchange through tourism, they are increasingly marginalized and subdued by modernity. The Conference of Indonesian Youth Diaspora in 2018 declared the need for cultural preservation and prioritization of national identity through the development of the creative economy. There is an opportunity for collaboration between subsectors as part of this. Even though the game industry ecosystem is not yet stable, 12,441 companies in this subsector are driven by young people (20-24 years old), which means they have great potential for the next decade. The ’encounter’ of game developers with traditional art studios in a development team could produce disruptive innovations in the form of game products based on traditional arts and culture. This development research was the first step in that direction. The purpose of this study was to develop a concept and design of a role-playing game story of Jaka Kembang Kuning (Wayang Beber Pacitan). By using a mixed methods research and development approach, a game concept document was developed as a game concept, and a game design document (GDD) as the game design. Validation tests of the GDD were carried out which indicated that the GDD was valid and effective as a design document. This means that the GDD is in accordance with the quality standards of those commonly used by game development companies and therefore it is ready to be used as a foundation for the next stage of development.

Keywords: game design, Wayang Beber, role-playing game, Pacitan

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