Dakwah Values in the Sincu Mompindai Tradition of the Mornene Bombana Tribe


This study examined the values in the Sincu Mompindai tradition. For the Mornene society, this tradition has important and profound meaning. The tradition is a ritual beginning for any couple that wants to build a new home. The Sincu Mompindai tradition has become interrelated with Islam. Islamic acculturation with this tradition has occurred since religion has grown in the area. This tradition is laden with Islamic values that influence family life. Analyses have been performed to determine whether there are components of this tradition that are contrary to Islamic tradition and to examine whether Islamic values can be immersed deeper into the traditions preserved in the community. This is a form of Islamization of a society’s culture.

Keywords: Mompindai Sincu, Mornene tribe, ritual, tradition, Islam

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