Study of Lisinopril in Heart Failure Patients


Heart failure is a progressive clinical syndrome that results in structural or functional abnormalities of the heart that disrupt the heart’s performance in pumping blood. The clinical manifestations are shortness of breath and cardiomegaly. The purpose of the study was to determine the Lisinopril therapy (dose, route of administration, frequency) in heart failure patients at the hospitalized installation of Sidoarjo Hospital. The method of collecting the data was retrospectively by health medical records at Sidoarjo Hospital from January 1 until December 31, 2020. The results showed that the health medical records sample got inclusion criteria of 20 patients. Heart failure was suffered by 12 patients (60%) male patients and 8 female patients (40%). The highest age range was 56- 65 years, with 8 patients (40%). In patients with the pattern of using combination 2, there were 9 patients (33%), combination 3 had 9 patients (33%), and combination 4 had 9 patients (33%). The highest combination of 2 was Lisinopril (1x 10 mg) po + Bisoprolol (1x 2.5 mg) po. There were 2 patients (22%). The highest combination of 3 was Lisinopril (1x5 mg) po + Bisoprolol (1x 2.5 mg) po + Furosemide (1 x 20 mg) iv. There were 2 patients (22%). The highest combination of 4 was Lisinopril (1x 10 mg) po + Bisoprolol (1x 2.5 mg) po + Furosemide (3x 40 mg) iv + Spironolactone (1x 25 mg) po. There were 3 patients (33%). The results show that there are 16 patterns of using switch therapy.

Keywords: lisinopril, heart failure, hospitalization

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