Activity of Ethanol Extract of Homalomena Occulta Rhizome in Inhibiting Kidney Stone Formation in Wistar Rats


Homalomena occulta is a plant that grows in Madiun, especially Caruban. Patients can overcome kidney stone disease by boiling the H. occulta (nampu) rhizome with water. The present study aimed to evaluate the antilithiatic effect of the ethanol extract of the H. occulta rhizome in preventing nephrolithiasis in rats. Ethylene glycol was used to induce the urolithiasis in the Wistar rats. The rats were divided into six groups, namely I (normal), II (ethylene glycol induced), III (commercial drug treated, Cystone® 750 mg/kg BW), IV (H. occulta rhizome extract treated, dose 250 mg/kg BW), V (H. occulta rhizome extract treated, dose 500 mg/kg BW), and VI (H. occulta rhizome extract treated, dose 1000 mg/kg BW).

Keywords: kidney stone, ethylene glycol, calcium level, Homalomena occulta

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