Application of Pressure Treatment Methods for Solid Processing of Silumin Chip Waste


n this article various technological schemes for processing waste in the form of chips of an alloy of an aluminum-silicon system are presented. It was noted that the processing of fine waste of the chips type is always accompanied by oxidation of the metal due to the large surface of contact with the air. To eliminate the loss of metal into oxides during re-melting, this study proposes processing chips by pressing to obtain briquettes (a method of hot extrusion is meant by ‘pressing’). Processing involves the receipt of briquettes from rods. The processes of cold and hot briquetting were undertaken separately. The results of applying the scheme using real production waste are presented in this study. The tensile strength achieved was up to 270 MPa. The relative elongation to rupture was 10–25% and the area reduction after rupture was 25–45%. There were no large differences in the use of briquettes obtained by cold processing and hot processing. The conclusion is drawn about the overall effectiveness of the application of the waste processing without the use of the metal melting.

Keywords: silumin, shavings, extrusion, plastic deformation, heat treatment

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