Production of Composite Materials By the Powder Metallurgy Method from the Powder Manufactured from Wastes of Mechanical Treatment of Ingots of Alloys VT-22


This study considers the preparation of new composite materials based on VT-22 titanium alloy powder made from waste from machining ingots by plasma spraying. Two composite compositions were selected for the study: 1 - 65% VT-22 + 30% PTM-1 + 5% N70Y30 and 2 - 70% VT-22 + 25% PTM-1 + 5% PMS. The structure and microstructure of the samples were studied, and X-ray phase analysis was carried out. Materials with a homogeneous fine structure were obtained by cold pressing followed by sintering. The samples have the structure of the VT-22 alloy but have a hardness higher than that of the starting material.

Keywords: Composite materials, composite pressing, titanium alloy powders, additive powders

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