Development of Energy-resource-efficient Equipment and Technologies of Environmentally Safe Microwave Processing of Oil Sludges


the results of the analysis of scientific papers and patent elaboration of the existing methods and technologies for the separation of water-oil emulsions made it possible to implement energy-efficient processes of microwave exposure to hydrocarbon- containing media. Based on the analysis of existing mathematical models of the direct and reverse oil-water emulsions structure and evaluation of the behavior of oil-water emulsions in the microwave field, a mathematical model of the interaction of microwave energy with oil-water emulsions 1 has been developed. The use of this model allows for the identification of the most effective parameters of the microwave exposure for phase separation with different compositions and dielectric parameters of emulsions. Computational experiments have been carried out to identify the dependence of the binding energy of water molecules and different grades of oil on the physicochemical properties of the emulsion and the technological factors of the sludge processing. An experimental installation of microwave sludge processing has been developed and manufactured, which allows determining the adequacy of the developed model.

Keywords: microwave processing, oil sludge, phase separation

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