Theoretical Bases of Electrochemical Cleaning of Oil-contaminated Soil


This study developstheoretical bases for the electrochemical process of cleaning soils from oil, oil products and highly mineralized reservoir water. The article experimentally and theoretically reveals patterns of reducing the content of polluting oil products in soils of various types during the small voltage passing. The optimal amount of electricity for the effective removal of various types of pollution was required. For the implementation of a electrochemical soil cleaning process a scheme of an original installation with placement of electrodes in the soil was studied. It reduces the resistance between the electrodes. The technical and economical calculations to determine energy costs of the electrochemical installation for cleaning oil-contaminated soils included: the number of electrodes; the voltage depending on the properties of the soil; the area; the depth of contamination of the soil to be treated;azndthe parameters of the electrodes. This allowed us to determine and develop the required degree of cleaning.

Keywords: electrochemical process, charge, soil, oil products, voltage, cleaning

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