Using of Enriched Air Blast While Operation of Shaft Furnaces at LLC “Mednogorsk Copper-Sulfur Plant”


In this article we consider the practices of blast smelting of copper-bearing charge with oxygen enriched air blast at Mednogorsk Copper-Sulfur Plant. The degree of air blast enrichment with oxygen has been increased from 30% to 36%, and productivity has raised by 20.1%. The copper content in matte has made up 33.0-35.3%, in dump slag – to 0.5% Cu. We have provided the mass and heat balances of the smelting. We have demonstrated the influence of air blast oxygen enrichment degree on productivity of blast smelting, solid fuel consumption, contents and quantity of smelting products.

Keywords: blast smelting, air blast, oxygen enriched, enrichment degree, furnace capacity, specific smelting rate, matte, anthracite

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