Development of a Repairable Heat Exchange for Disposal Considerations for Household and Municipal Waste


Evolvent form can be applied in the new design of an air cooler and shell and tube heat exchanger used in the oil and gas industry. The air cooler is constructed as a vertically cylindrical multi-section with the evolvent-profile tube row in tube bundle. Tubes have a U-shape form for solving the problem of destruction from linear thermal expansion during maintenance. The dismountable shell-and-tube heat exchanger has an evolvent-profile tube bundle. The advantage of this heat exchanger is its dismountable construction, maintainability and energy efficiency. This is enhanced by the construction of the heat exchange element, which consists of stainless corrugated flexible tubes. Dismountable construction is achieved by a set of flanges and fittings. The energy efficiency of the heat exchanger is determined by thin wall of the corrugated tube, which is 0.3 mm, whereby a heat energy will be transferred faster from a hot stream to cold liquid. Also, energy efficiency is enhanced by tight packing of the tube bundle, which contributes to increase heat transfer area per unit volume. Such solutions contribute to the promotion of more efficient technological equipment and promising ideas for further development and improvement of technical and technological complexes.

Keywords: tube, heat, corrugated, flexible, evolvent, construction

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