Research Treatment Studies for Cleanable Waste Water for Cleaning Pipes


Currently, many methods of treating waste water are known using various lubricating coolant compositions, but there is no universal treatment method. The most suitable ways of reducing the harmful impact of waste water in the metallurgical industry on the water environment are 1) the local treatment of waste water of various compositions, 2) the removal or reduction of the total amount of waste treatment liquid emissions as a result of their regeneration, and 3) reuse of treated waste water in closed water circulation systems and technical water supply to enterprises. During production of bimetallic finned tubes by cold deformation method, alkaline cleaning solutions are used to clean the surface from lubricating-cooling liquid. As a result, there is a need to dispose of spent liquids. The spent detergent solution is a three-phase emulsion. The upper layer is oil-oil products, medium liquid with increased PH index, and aluminates precipitate. A spent emulsion, i.e. an end-of-life emulsion that has lost its functional and operational properties, needs to be decomposed and disposed of.

Keywords: finned bimetallic tube, air cooler, lubricating coolant, oil – emulsion

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