Sorption Properties of the Filter Material MS in Relation to Copper(II) Ions


The sorption of copper(II) ions by the mineral filter material MS was studied. The study was carried out on a model solution of copper(II) sulfate containing an additional 400 mg/dm3 of sodium sulfate. It demonstrates that the sorption properties of MS are due to the simultaneous action of two factors. The first is associated with an increase in the pH of the solution being purified when the MS material is introduced into it, which leads to the precipitation of copper(II) ions from the solution in the form of the corresponding hydroxide. The second is the ability of the MS to remove copper(II) ions from the solution by the mechanism of adsorption described by the Langmuir equation. It was found that with an increase in the pH of the solution from 4 to 6.7, the adsorption of copper(II) ions on the surface of the MS increases (ranges of pH<4 and pH>6.7 have not been studied). The found values of the MS monolayer capacity with respect to copper(II) ions turned out to be comparable in magnitude with similar values for some other mineral sorbents.

Keywords: copper(II) ions, sorption, Langmuir equation, adsorption capacity

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