Phenol Extraction from Schistous Tar of Shubarkol Deposit


The process of extracting phenols from schistous tar using extractants based on water solutions of technical ethanol with concentration of 70% is considered in this article. According to chromato-mass-spectrometric (CMS) analysis, initial schistous tar contains 28.29 % of summary phenols, after extraction with 70% alcohol solution this had dropped by 8.76 %. According to results of laboratory studies, the best extraction properties were identified as occurring with 70% water ethanol of schistous tar with the ratio 1:1. As we see from obtained data, after extraction with ethanol, phenol content in tar is decreased by up to 8.76 %. After elimination of phenols, schistous tar might be applied as hydrocarbonic material for future processing into motor or boiler fuel.

Keywords: Schistous tar, phenol, extraction

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