KnE Materials Science | IV Sino-Russian ASRTU Symposium on Advanced Materials and Processing Technology (ASRTU) | pages: 71-77

DOI: 10.18502/kms.v1i1.565

Development Of A Cathode Designing Method To Avoid Electrodes’ Interference During Blisk Electrochemical Machining

J.C. Zhang

Z.Y. Xu

W.F. Su

D. Zhu


Electrochemical machining plays a prominent role in blisk (bladed integrated disk) construction process. Since blisk channel is narrow and twisted, interference between electrodes may happen during electrochemical machining. Therefore, this paper develops a cathode designing method to avoid interference. Firstly, according to theory of electrochemical machining, machined channel is predicted by calculation. Second, with this channel, interference analysis is carried out and a cathode is designed. Finally, the cathode is employed in experiment and no interference appears.


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ISSN: 2519-1438