KnE Materials Science | IV Sino-Russian ASRTU Symposium on Advanced Materials and Processing Technology (ASRTU) | pages: 11-16

DOI: 10.18502/kms.v1i1.555

Elastomagnetoresistive Properties of Films of 3d-Metalls Alloys

K.G. Balymov

E.V. Kudyukov

N.A. Kulesh

V.N. Lepalovskij

V.O. Vas’kovskiy


Magnetoresistive properties of 3d-metals alloys magnetostrictive films under application of elastic deformations were investigated. Linear stress was shown to have a significant effect on magnetoresistive effect in the films through the rotation of the easy magnetization axis. Dependencies of the relative change of resistivity were obtained in a cyclic deformation regime for films of different compositions.


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ISSN: 2519-1438