KnE Materials Science | IV Sino-Russian ASRTU Symposium on Advanced Materials and Processing Technology (ASRTU) | pages: 5-10

DOI: 10.18502/kms.v1i1.554

Features of Magnetocaloric Effect in Er(Co-Fe)2 Laves Phases

M.S. Anikin

E.N. Tarasov

N.V. Kudrevatykh

M.A. Semkin

A.S. Volegov

A.A. Inishev

A.V. Zinin


In this work the results of measurements of heat capacity (CP) and magnetocaloric effect (MCE) in Er(Co1-хFeх)2 system in the concentration range 0.07 ≤ x ≤ 0.80 are presented. Phase composition was controlled by X-ray difraction analysis. Heat capacity was measured in the temperature range 77-320 K. MCE has been studied within the temperature range 5-670 K in magnetic fields up to 70 kOe. It was found that Fe concentration increase caused the table-like (plateau) MCE temperature dependence for both magnetic entropy change date and direct ∆T-effect measurements independently on Fe concentration. The possible reasons of such behavior are discussed.


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ISSN: 2519-1438