Use of Vanadium for Low-alloy Steel Manufacturing at JSC “EVRAZ NTMK”


Joint Stock Company “EVRAZ Nizhniy Tagil Metallurgical Plant” ( JSC “EVRAZ NTMK”) is the World’s largest processor of vanadium-rich titanium magnetite ores. This work describes the results of the research performed to test various combinations of vanadium and nitrogen microalloying targeted at repeatable quality and strength properties of the rolled steel products. In particular the benefits are described of using vanadium mass fractions in steel for manufacturing railway steel (rails, wheels, rings/tires), railcar body products (Z-beams, I-beams, etc.), API grades including large diameter X70 and X80 pipes. To optimize the analysis of different steel grades for the shaped sections manufacturing EVRAZ NTMK has taken efforts to identify the impact of the vanadium mass fraction in steel grade 09G2S on the mechanical properties of rolled steel with the elements of various thickness. During the effort, the mechanical tests were performed, the extent of vanadium reduction in the form of carbonitrides during the rolling and cooling process and its impact on the mechanical properties, the macrostructuring of rolled products was also studied. Recommendations were given on the chemical composition of steel 09G2S for manufacturing rolled steel of strength classes 375 and 390.

Keywords: EVRAZ NTMK, vanadium, I-beams, mechanical properties, impact strength