Metal Phase Formation in Bubbling Reduction of Nickel and Iron from Oxide Melt


Bubbling reduction of nickel and iron from oxide melt is considered. Oxidized nickel ores melts interaction with gases (hydrogen, carbon monoxide, converted natural gas) is accompanied by the ferroalloy formation with high nickel content. This process is associated with the mass transfer, chemical reaction running and metal phase formation in the multi-component oxide melts, regardless of the reducing agent used. Those processes are of great importance for understanding of the ferronickel pyrometallurgical production processes. To describe the process, we used equations that allow one to estimate the size of gas bubble and metal drop moving in an oxide melt without fragmentation, its joint movement direction, flotation rate, sedimentation and separation conditions. The physicochemical characteristics affecting mass transfer (the densities and surface tensions of oxide and metal melts, as well as their interfacial characteristics) have been determined.

Keywords: nickel, iron, reduction, bubbling, metal, oxide, melts, ores, ferroalloy, flotation, sedimentation, reducing gas

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