The Reduction of Boron By Silicothermal Method


Thermodynamic modeling (TM) of the boron reduction process from the CaO–SiO2– MgO–B2O3 oxide system by silicon of ferrosilicon of FeSi65 and FeSi75 grades has been carried out. TM is made using the HSC 6.12 Chemistry software package developed by Outokumpu Research Oy (Finland). The equilibrium composition of oxide CaO-SiO2-MgO-B2O3 and metallic Si-Al-Fe systems was determined using the Equilibrium Compositions module in a given temperature range of 1400–1700∘C and a gas phase pressure of 1 atm. The effect of silicon of ferrosilicon grades (FeSi65 and FeSi75) on the degree of boron reduction (η

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