Processing of Vanadium-containing Converter Slag to Produce Higher-purity Vanadium Pentoxide


Russia is one of the world leaders known for its reserves of vanadium that forms titanomagnetite ores. Vanadium-containing manganic slags from titanomagnetite smelting produced by PJSC EVRAZ NTMK are used as raw materials to produce vanadium compounds. In our country these slags are only used to produce vanadium concentrate (technically pure vanadium pentoxide with the content of the main substance 80–90%) for vanadium iron production. Manganese, which is also a part of the slags, is not extracted. At the same time, domestic requirements of pure vanadium pentoxide and manganese oxides are satisfied by importing them from abroad. In the Institute of Metallurgy (Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences) a new integrated ecologically clean technology has been developed to process vanadium-containing manganic metallurgical slags and to obtain pure vanadium pentoxide and manganese oxides. The technology includes oxidative roasting of manganic vanadium slags at Т=850∘C without any calcium- or sodium-containing additives in contrast to the existing technologies and leaching vanadium out of cinder by aqueous solutions of soda ash on the first stage, and leaching manganese out of vanadium-containing residues formed on the first stage by sulfuric acid solutions on the second stage. The obtained vanadium pentoxide and manganese oxides are good to utilize for melting vanadiumand manganese-containing addition alloys for titanium and aluminum alloys. Hard residues are utilized to manufacture ferroalloys and to use in construction industry. The authors of the present work propose to consider the possibility to realize the technology in a factory manufacturing vanadium slag.

Keywords: converter slag, pure vanadium pentoxide, manganese, aggregate raw material processing