Inventory Control Application on Indonesia Small Medium Enterprises Using Smartphone


Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) playing a big role in domestic economic activities, especially in a developing country such as Indonesia. They accommodate a large amount of employment and generate quite large income for many economic sectors such as textile, furniture, footwear, food and beverages. Usually, SMEs do not have  a big stock of goods, consider the SMEs has a low capital. That makes SMEs usually rely on turnover from stock items with a small stock of goods. This certainly causes the monitoring process of the goods of stock’s data is very important. If an error occurs, stock-outs can easily arise which can cause loss of sales. Calculation and adjustment of the stock of goods and assets owned by the SME whether in the warehouse or storefront must often be carried out more often. To help inventory control process on SMEs, this research attempt to build a simple inventory control process application. This IT application is expected can operate easily by people who are not familiar with IT and relatively cheap so can be used by various layers of SMEs. The application will be running on Android-based smartphone. The application could download the SMEs stock data and doing inventory control by scanned the barcode that attaches on the item. The scanning process is simply using a camera on the smartphone. After inventory control process, SMEs employee could upload their data directly to a database server using Wi- Fi without re-entry their inventory control result. So this could save employee work time.

Keywords: Android-based application; inventory control process; stock out

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