Experimental and Theoretical Substantiation of Device Performance in Soy Milk Production for Animal Feed


The article presents a device to obtain soybean milk, Tofu soybean curd, a soy protein base for feed preparation for farm animals and poultry as a product of soybean grain processing. The device combines a number of technological operations, such as grinding the grain of legumes to obtain fine grinding, the extraction of soy protein into the emulsion and the separation of the protein emulsion into two homogeneous fractions: a liquid protein base (soy milk) and undissolved residue – Okara. The kinematics of the movement of soybean grain in a soaked form over the abrasive surface of a cone with curved grooves applied is considered, a final formula for the speed of movement of the grain is obtained. The volumetric and mass productivity of the grain chopper is determined theoretically and experimentally depending on the main factors affecting the process.

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